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February 2019

NC3Rs-Unilever PhD Studentship Launch Event

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NC3Rs-Unilever PhD Studentship Launch Event


On 2 April the NC3Rs are holding a launch event in central London to highlight a new collaboration with Unilever, who will be co-funding three of our PhD Studentship awards this year. The event will allow potential applicants to find out more about the scheme, network with fellow researchers and discuss ideas with staff from both Unilever and the NC3Rs.

The NC3Rs PhD Studentship awards embed the 3Rs into the training of graduate scientists from a broad range of scientific backgrounds. The joint NC3Rs-Unilever Studentships will focus on the following areas in the field of non-animal safety assessment:

  • Local exposure – microbiome, skin, lung
  • Clearance mechanisms – renal, liver metabolism
  • Repeat dosing
  • Non-animal models with a human focus


Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from NC3Rs grant holders and Unilever researchers applying the 3Rs within the safety assessment field.
  • Learn about the PhD Studentship scheme and hear tips on how to apply.
  • Have a one-to-one with a member of NC3Rs or Unilever staff to discuss potential ideas.
  • Network with fellow researchers, potential collaborators and meet with Unilever and NC3Rs representatives.


To register for the event please complete the form on our events page, using your institutional email address by 27 March 2019. If you would like to book a one-to-one session, please state your interest in the “Other requirements” section or alternatively email Please note these sessions will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Further information on the PhD Studentship scheme can be found on the scheme webpage.