The IGG Session at UKEMS 2016

The 39th Annual UKEMS conference was held in Kings College, London between 26th and 29th June 2016. IGG hosted a session on Tuesday 28th with invited speakers and short presentations from selected abstracts.

Invited speakers and selected abstracts

Invited presentations were:

  • Sequencing in vivo Pig-a mutations – Vasily Dobrovolsky
  • OECD requirements for hostorical control ranges and control charts – Carol Beevers
  • Achieving 3Rs benefits from detailed OECD guidance: the in vitro micronucleus test as a case study – Mirjam Luijten
  • Is non-disjunction a more sensitive marker than chromosome loss for aneugens? – Ann Doherty

Selected abstracts were:

  • Can weak carcinogens be detected using an integrated in vitro carcinogenicity test? – Katherine Chapman
  • Development of a multi-endpoint genotoxicity assessment screen (MEGAscreen) – Joanne Elloway