UKEMS 2018 was held from September 2nd - 5th at Magdalen College, Oxford

IGG Involvement

The IGG contributed to sessions by selecting speakers on topics relevant to the industrial community. These included:

James Whitwell, Covance, Harrogate: Extended treatment with recovery is required for detection of certain chemicals in the human peripheral blood lymphocyte assay.

Amy Wilson, AstraZeneca, Cambridge: High content comparison of GeneTox responses in parent and p53 knock out cell lines.

Shareen Doak, Swansea University: 3D liver spheroids for genotoxicity testing.

There were also a number of industry-relevant posters and talks in the NUKEMS session from Industrial-sponsored students including:

NUKEMS talks:

Sarah Gee, AstraZeneca, Cambridge: Evaluation of 3D bone marrow
models for genotoxicity testing

Lauren Clarke, University of Bath/AstraZeneca Cambridge: Utilising amplicon sequencing and qPCR to further understand the EMS response in the in vitro Pig-a assay in L5178Y


Rebakah Beck, Univeristy of Manchester/AstraZeneca Cambridge: Generation of epigenetic fingerprints following compound exposure.

Alex Vernon, University of the West of England/AstraZeneca Cambridge: Evaluating different 3D scaffolds for the development of an in vitro bone marrow model for genotoxicity testing.

Melvyn Lloyd, Covance, Harrogate: Genotoxicity evaluation of tobacco and nicotine delivery products

Grace Kocks and Richard Williams, Lhasa, Leeds: How low can you go? An analysis of lowest effective dose in the Ames test


There were awards for industrial-sponsored students including:

Best Poster and Best Lightning Presentation: Rebekah Beck, AstraZeneca, University of Manchester

Best Poster: Felix Dobbs, AstraZeneca, Cardiff University

Best Overall Presentation: Lauren Clarke, AstraZeneca/University of Bath


Our very own committee member, Rhiannon David, was awarded the UKEMS Young Scientist Award and gave an award lecture at the meeting.


Congratulations all!

UKEMS 2019

UKEMS 2019 will be held in Robinson College, Cambridge, from 15th – 17th April. See IGG at UKEMS 2019 for more information or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.