Annual Meetings

The IGG strives to organise annual meetings covering topics relevant to genotoxicology in an industrial context. The meetings are set out to achieve a balance between formal presentations and practical discussions around data interpretation and risk assessment. Informal short presentations are also actively encouraged.

29th Annual Meeting 2015
12th November
Lhasa, Leeds, UK

Topics included: New Modalities in Genotoxicity Testing; Genomics in Genetox (3D-DIP-chip); Data Workshops: Risk Assessment

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30th Annual Meeting 2016
17th November
Union Jack Club, London, UK

Topics included: Multiplex Flow and Machine Learning; in vitro Pig-a; Data Workshops: Mode of Action Predictions

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31st Annual Meeting 2017
11th - 12th December
Hallam Conference Centre, London, UK

A 1 and a half day meeting with an IWGT focus: speakers from each workgroup gave an update on discussions and decisions

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32nd Annual Meeting 2018
14th June
Covance, Harrogate, UK

"Something Old, Something New": Talks and discussions on Ames, talks and workshops on NGS/Omics

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33rd Annual Meeting 2019
Sponsored by Gentronix
19th - 20th June
Deansgate Hilton, Manchester, UK

"Regulatory Genetic Toxicology: Theory and Reality": Talks covering new challenges including oligos and medical devices, and interactive workshops on proof of exposure and when negative is equivocal.

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34th Annual Meeting 2020
30th November - 1st December

"New Ways with Old Data"
Talks, Workshops, New Investigator Session and Networking Opportunities

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