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Virtual Annual IGG Meeting 2020

November 30th 2020
New ways with old data

We have four very respected scientists covering our two themes of use of adverse outcome pathways for genotoxicity assessment, and the utility of duplex sequencing technology. More details on the agenda coming soon!

We look forward to welcoming you to our virtual meeting and thank UKEMS for supporting this event.

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Richard Williams Memorial Award

This year we are honouring the scientific contributions and memory of Dr. Richard Williams by presenting an award to the best short talk by an early career investigator, sponsored by Lhasa Ltd.

Find out more about the award here

Read Lhasa's blog here.


Timing Topic Presenter
14.00 Introduction Paul Fowler
14.05 Richard Williams award introduction Paul Fowler
14.15 An in vitro genotoxicity assessment framework for next generation nicotine delivery products Fiona Chapman
14.35 Can Benchmark Dose potency information augment the use of Structural Activity Relationships in Mode of Action-based compound risk assessments? Ryan Wheeldon
14.55 Machine Learning and Mechanistic information from a Multi Endpoint Genotoxicity Screen Amy Wilson
15.15 Short break
15.25 Application of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP) to Support a Genotoxicity Assessment Steven Kane
15.45 Utility of Genotoxicity Adverse Outcome Pathways Dan Roberts
16:05 AOP questions
16:20 Short break
16:30 Genetic Toxicology 2021: Direct Quantification of in vitro and in vivo mutagenesis using Duplex Sequencing Jesse Salk
16:50 In vitro Pig-a assay: obtaining greater data depth using Duplex Sequencing Anne Ashford
17.10 Duplex sequencing questions
17:25 Richard Williams award result Paul Fowler
17:35 Close Paul Fowler